How to enable the cache memory in SAP R/3 ?


Can you tell me how to enable the cache memory in SAP R/3? In Whole landscape, for some cache is working and for some it is not.
Please let me know the setting I can enable the cache memory.

I am facing a lot of problems like noting down all the documents and field entries i have typed earlier to test.

Good to see the site for more configurations i dont know and good portal to develop the SAP knowledge esp. in configuration.

Thanks & Regards,

Muthuvel Rajan S

Goto the SAP GUI Help :

In that you can see "Adjusting the Local Layout". If you click on that you will get more items in that select the "Local Data Settings". There you can see the options about the History. If it is "Off" you will see blank space with some text in there. In your case may be it is "off". Check with the other systems (Developemnt/Sand box) may be you can see the details. This is normally controlled by the BASIS people.

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