How to check the Activity Rates at Table level:

It is difficult to validate the acitvity rates using the standard reports. You can check the activity rates at table level using the SAP tables.Tables to use for this are as below.

CSLA - Activity master : This gives the data relating to your activity type.
CSSL - Cost Center/Activity Type : This gives the Objectnumber (CSSL-OBJNR) for each activity type & Cost Centre combination you maintained the rate. This values is concatenation of "KL", Controlling area, Cost Centre & Activity type.
COST - CO Object: Price Totals : Here you can see the rate which you entered in the fields with TK" series. TKG" is total price, TKF" is fixed price, TOG" is Variable price.

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SAP FI SD: Useful SAP Credit Management Programs

In the present modern era of credit & economic crisis, credit management can plays a vital role in day-today business. So, it is essential for the business to have right things right. Streamlining the credit will assist you in streamlining the business process.

Also, Credit management gives you an opportunity to know your customer better in terms of financial facts & payment behavior.
So, you can't achieve all success, if a proper mechanism is not in place. Like

- kind of credit check you want
- the events where you want these checks
- change customer creditworthiness
- reorganizing the credit data
- period for which you are look the data

so forth and so on.
Following are some Useful program in SAP Credit Management which can come handy.
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SAP: Change Documents for SAP Objects (Master Data / Transactional Data)

Program- RSSCD100 (Display Change Documents) : can display the Change Documents related to any master or transactional data in SAP. Yes, that's true… you can display ALL the details of ALL change documents related to few SAP Object, onto a single screen.

Table - TCDOB : To find the Object id for the relevant master data / transactional data table.
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